Swap your HD-DVDs for $5: Cheap

By Mike on 10:01 am

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Warner Bros. is currently offering a trade in program for supporters of big red who saw their HD optical disc format go belly up last year. Ship back any Warner HD-DVD movie plus $5 and they'll ship you a Blu-ray copy of the same movie. Customers are limited to 25 swaps though, but it's unlikely most HD-DVD owners have more than 25 films from the same studio considering how short lived the format was. Currently, this deal is only available in the United States.

Is this worth it? I would say no. If you have HD-DVDs, you probably already have an HD-DVD player. Even though no new HD-DVD movies are coming out, you can still watch and enjoy them. No sense paying twice for the same thing, even if the second copy is only $5. If you've already dumped the player though for a shiny new BD machine yet still have a pile of HD-DVD discs, then by all means. You'd be hard pressed to find any blu-ray movie for $5.

Source: The Register

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