Best of the Worst of Shovelware: Week 4

By Mike on 10:55 pm

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Early entry this week because I found something that's NOT shovelware and actually looks like a pretty sweet game. Don't worry though, they'll be plenty more bad shovelware coming. I've got Ghetto Golf lined up for next week.

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (Nintendo DS)
This is... the most awesome thing I have ever seen. In Japanese anime, female characters are typically drawn with vary, vary large breasts. Odd for a people not exactly known for their big jubblies unless you count the lovely Aki Hoshino or "Death by Motorboat" Fuko. (I personally don't like them huge anyway. A or B, that's perfect for me. Somebody has to like them.) As far as I can tell, it's a fighting RPG along the lines of Sonic Battle and similar games. The best part is, when your female character powers up, she expose some nice cleavage. Oh, there's male PCs too but who cares. If you think this is sexist, you're probably right, but a woman kicking some butt, that's girl power.

Major Minor's Majestic March (Wii)
Oh god I really hate picking on the poor Wii but here's another ludicrous game. What's worse than shovelware on Wiiware for $10? Shovelware in a retail box that costs $50. This game, developed by Square Enix, has you leading a marching bad. You pump your Wiimote up and down in the air to keep the beat and recruit bandmates. The gameplay seems vary basic and likely has little to no replay value. Plus the graphics look just awful. At least the music is pretty decent, which is the bare minimum requirement for any rhythm game. No matter how you slice it though, marching bands just aren't considered cool anymore. Then again, were they ever? This made me laugh because my mom used to do the baton twirling stuff back in the 60s. She might enjoy this but I can't see anybody else flocking to buy it. A Wiiware title maybe but a retail box? Really? Come on. Oh, and I don't know anybody who actually liked, or even played Prappa the Rapper.

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