What a Pitty Mr Bond

By Mike on 8:50 pm

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Sometimes in my blind web surfing, you come across things that are so bizarre, you cannot help but laugh. No, I'm not talking about that video of the guy with the bottle that's making the rounds. This one has to do with iTunes, the software itself not the store. Sometimes it pays to read the EULA.

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Curses, foiled again. I was hoping to put my favourite tracks on shuffle while I enrich weapons grade plutonium. Yes, the iTunes EULA actually says that the program cannot be used for the creation of weapons of mass destruction. Yet the Store sells Britney Spears' & Metalica's music! How ironic. In all likelihood, Apple uses the same basic legal form for everything they sell. It means you cannot use Apple computers for these purposes. However, something tells me Amadinajad and Kim Jong Il aren't big Mac fanboys. It's just so hilarious that this little remnant of the OS X EULA would end up in something so harmless as a music player.

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