Best of the Worst of Shovelware: Week 3

By Mike on 12:31 pm

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WarioWare Myself (Nintendo DS)
I think I just Wii-ed myself watching this one. This one was actually developed by Nintendo as a Wiiware title. The Warioware games, staring the beloved anti-Mario, have been quite popular on several Nintendo platforms. Basically, they're just a collection of minigames. I think they're really starting to run out of ideas though. Super Wario has a mission in this one! Unlock the bathroom door so desperate people can answer the call of nature. It involves solving vary simple puzzles. More targeted at kids I guess but this game just, well, it doesn't exactly carry the same quality as most inhouse Nintendo games.

Party Fun Pirate (Wii)
Speaking of running out of ideas, it looks like game developer TOMY has decided to rip off Pop-up Pirate. Remember that game when you were a kid when you would stick plastic swords into a barrel and if the pirate popped out you lost? This game goes on there because of it's lack of originality and the fact that it's pretty much a blatant ripoff of the original toy. Kids will probably love this though... meaning it might keep them amused and out of your hair for five minutes at least.

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