Weekly Cheap: PS Vita bundle sale and Steam deals

By Mike on 12:32 pm

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Been on the fence about getting a Vita? Now is as good a time as any with Christmas fast approaching. Our first weekly cheap comes from Best Buy Canada.Sony has released their first ever Vita bundle since launch, to celebrate the latest installment in Assassin's Creed.

Vita AC Liberation Bundle, Best Buy Canada: $200

The bundle features...
-PS Vita WiFi system
-4gb memory card
-Assassin's Creed: Liberation game

All for $250. That's a savings of $60 over buying everything separately. On top of that, Best Buy Canada is throwing in a $50 gift card if you buy it in store. So you can get an entire Vita system for just $200. If you've been sitting on the fence about getting a Vita for the holidays, this looks like the bundle to get.

Image courtesy of Sony
This week's Steam sales are heavy on horror, just in time for Halloween.
-Left 4 Dead 2 $4.99
-Just Cause 2 $3.74
-Deadlight $12.74
-Lucius $21.24
-Killing Floor Complete Pack $9.99
-Guns of Icarus Online $14.99
-Rock of Ages $2.49
-Hitman: Absolution $44.99
-Left 4 Dead $4.99
-Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams $13.49
-Train Simulator 2013 Deluxe $45.99
-Trains vs Zombies 2 $8.99
-Just Cause $2.49

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