Fallout: New Vegas screenshots come out of the vault

By Mike on 1:23 pm

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Better bring a lot of caps for the raddest slots in town. Joystiq has released a some early screenshots for Fallout: New Vegas. The latest in the hit series of post-apocalyptic games.

The game appears to run on the exact same Gamebryo engine that ran Fallout 3 and Oblivion. It shows some of the western themed landscape as well as a new companion system. In New Vegas, you'll be able to give orders to your comrades through a "Companion Commands" wheel.

Some new weapons have appeared including what appears to be an M16 assault rifle and a golf club.

Image courtesy of Joystiq

Gameplay was said to be turn based but it appears to use the same VATS system as Fallout 3. The game is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment (makers of Knights of the Old Republic II) and is being published by Bethesda. Team members from Obsidian previously worked on Fallout 2.

The game has a projected release date of Fall 2010 and will be available on the 360, PS3, and PC.

Check out all the screen shots on Joystiq.

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