Courier is what the iPad should have been

By Mike on 1:39 pm

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Pen & paper could be extinct in a few years if Microsoft gets their way. The company is teasing us with the latest screen shots and tech demo videos of its Courier tablet. The device is being marketed as a digital journal. It looks a bit like a giant Nintendo DS. It has two screens and uses a stylus for input. Videos show it through the eyes of a designer using it to plan out new looks and jot notes down.

Engadget says that it will measure about 5''x7'' when closed and weighs about one pound. The device will also be able to work as an eBook reader. A cloud computing function, which stores data online, will also be available for it. Aside from the usual stuff, there are claims that it will have a camera and support media playback. Rumours say it will be released sometime in the second half of 2010.

Check out Endgadet's concept videos of the Courier in action

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