5 things I want in an Apple Tablet

By Mike on 8:50 pm

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The iPad proved to be a huge disappointment, at least for me. I can't speak for other Apple fans but an oversized iPhone is no use to me. Here's five things I want in an Apple tablet that I feel would make it perfect.

Full Mac OS X
-The iPhone OS is essentially a cut down version of OS X. The iPad would be a far more useful device, especially for its size, if it included a full version of OS X with some optimizations for a touch interface such as the virtual keyboard. I can't imagine it would be hard to do. It would increase functionality ten fold.

Intel Atom Processor
-The Apple A4 is a pretty fast chip for a mobile chip, except for one problem. ARM based processors can't run a heck of a lot of stuff. Using an x86 based Atom processor, such as the new Pine Trail, would trade a bit of battery life for the ability to run any program OS X can. Imagine being able to use programs such as Photoshop or Final Cut with this, or even something as simple as a web browser of your choice.

External Connectivity
-The iPad uses the same dock connector that the iPhone does. Please add at least one USB port to this thing to allow it to connect to a wide variety of devices. Even a flash card reader would be nice to expand the thing's pitiful storage capacity.

-This is a biggie that would have essentially been solved with my first two points. The iPad is intended to be used to browse the web but it still cannot playback Adobe Flash. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying how terrible Flash is. It's a resource hog. However, more and more dynamic web content is using it. That's not going to change. Leaving Flash out for this long is stupid. It puzzles me why Apple has resisted adding it to their mobile devices when Adobe seems willing to get it on them.

Better Software
-If you ignore all the above Apple, at least give it some better functionality beyond the ton of crappy iPhone apps. For the love of god get an office suite, iChat, and iLife on this thing pronto. Those are vary, vary basic things in this day and age.

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