New PSP Bundle for Sports Fans

By Mike on 3:11 pm

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Yet another new PSP bundle to add to the growing list. I didn't mention this one in the review. Like the Daxter bundle I did mention, this one seems to be of excellent value too. The new bundle features a new colour, metallic blue. This pack is for football fans. It includes a copy of Madden 09. EA's flagship football franchise is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year. Additionally, it comes with "NFL: Just one Play" UMD movie, 1gb memory stick, and a Playstation Store voucher to download Beats, a rythm game. According to the PS Blog, Beats works with your own music collection. It's like Guitar Her on the go with custom tracks. Reviews of it have been positive.

Overall, this is an excellent value if you like football. Besides the Daxter pack, this is the only other PSP bundle worth buying.

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