Bioshock Confirmed for PS3

By Mike on 8:06 pm

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Good gravy with a steaming load of horse manure. 2K Games has officially announced that Bioshock, previously an Xbox 360 exclusive, will be released for the Playstation 3. You may remember I didn't have a lot of good things to say about the PC version of this game. This was mainly due to the crippling bugs and controversial SecuROM DRM system, which was even included with the demo (in a cut down form) for some bizarre reason. The rumor that the game might be moving to the PS3 has persisted for months on end. Most of us saner people figured it was just that, a rumor. 2K made it official today. The release date is set to be around the 2008 Christmas season.

Will I play it? The PC version left almost as bad a taste in my mouth as Ron Jeremy's butter. Still, I do want to play the game. Hopefully, this will be programmed from the ground up to run on the Cell BBE rather than being a port of the 360 version. From past experience, sloppy ports (such as Orange Box) don't get along with the PS3. Given the dog's breakfast that the PC version was, I can't be too optimistic at this point. This will definitely be a rent first title.

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