Sony Announces Light PSP

By Mike on 3:51 pm

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It sure has been a week of Sony contradicting itself. After declaring that they would not redesign the PSP, Sony says it is redesigning the PSP. Well, sort of. The new PSP will be 33% lighter and 19% thinner than the current model. Sony is also promising to bring high quality video output to the handheld. This may just mean a video out port. Sony also says the PSP will be able to be used as a remote. What that means is also a mystery.

The new PSP will come in three flavours. Piano black, silver, and a Star Wars themed one. Also coming is more battery life. Another big addition will be streaming media from PC. Is Sony reading this blog? Hopefully this feature will be available in a firmware update for owners of the previous vversion as well.

The new model will sell for $200 US and will be bundled with a game and movie.

Source: TG Daily

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