iPod a Lightening Magnet?

By Mike on 1:45 pm

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There's a story floating around in the TV news about a man who had his ear drums blown out from wearing an iPod out in a lightening storm. Apparently, lightening hit a tree, then bounced to the man's iPod, traveled up the earphone wires, and gave him the shock of his life.

Scientists are now warning people that they shouldn't wear iPods out in storms. In my opinion, this is a good example of media over-reaction. Consider that the odds of being struck by lightening are minute, probably close to 1 in a million. The risk isn't just isolated to iPods. Any electrical device can pose a potential hazard including but not limited to cell phones, digital music players, portable video games, etc. The best piece of advice is to simply not go outside during a storm period.

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