Microsoft Reverses Xbox One DRM decision

By Mike on 4:42 pm

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It was bound to happen eventually. All the outrage over the Xbox One's DRM scheme has paid off. Microsoft announced today that they would be stripping the controversial restrictions from the console. GiantBomb broke the story earlier this afternoon.

Story developing. As of writing, has crashed due to the overload.

UPDATE: Xbox Wire Q&A has outlined the changes

Microsoft stated that they have listened to customer feedback and have implemented the following changes. 

-Xbox One will no longer require an internet connection. You will only need to connect to the internet during initial setup of the console.
-Status quo on used games will remain. You will be able to buy, sell, rent, and trade as you would on the Xbox 360.
-Xbox One games will not be region locked. 

This follows an earlier report this week from publishers, who stated they were caught off guard by the used game restrictions. None had made a decision regarding a ban at that point.

This is very good news for Xbox fans who felt betrayed by the initial restrictions. Microsoft took a major beating at E3 when Sony announced the PS4 would lack the controversial DRM, and would cost $100 less. Early pre-order reports suggest the the Xbox One is lagging behind sales of the new Playstation.

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