Durango's mandatory installs a sign of DRM to come?

By Mike on 11:31 pm

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More rumours for the next Xbox have come out today. This time they give as a small peak into what the console may have to offer it. Some of it is not good, at least according to IGN. VGLeaks put out several screenshots from the Durango development kit, the software used to program games for the console. IGN analysed the images and confirmed them to be accurate through sources. Some of their findings are pretty run of the mill, namely a next generation Kinect sensor. However, two things stood out.

Firstly, the Durango requires mandatory game installs. Much like modern PC games, the discs are only used to install data and are not accessed during gameplay. On one hand this will greatly speed up load times for the console. On the other hand it could be behind something more sinister.

The Durango will be "always on, always connected" online. This could be used for DRM in the same way EA and Ubisoft have on the PC platform. The concern here is the mandatory installs and constant internet connectivity could be used to block second hand games.

At this time it's all wild speculation. However rumours of Microsoft putting their console on lockdown haven't sat well with gamers. Many commenting on IGN's article said they're more inclined to buy a PS4 if these rumours are true. If the Durango bans used games, it will be the only console this upcoming generation to do so. It would be a very stupid move. 

Microsoft's silence on the Durango has been deafening. They have yet to officially acknowledge the console even exists. This has allowed Sony to steal the spotlight from them. Delaying the unveiling, as well as their refusal to clarify gamers' concerns, may end up hurting them a lot more than they think. As we've seen before, a runaway success for one generation doesn't necessarily equal a repeat for the next. 


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