They have the internet on computers now

By Mike on 7:32 pm

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The internet is such a big part of our lives today. Most people forget how painful it was when it first came out. Watching the picture scan line by line, waiting for those tantalizing bosoms... Well, I suppose it had other uses too.

Younger readers won't remember the early days. I've had it since 1994. My parents ran a home business at the time and wanted to use it for email. By the time 1998 rolled around, I had AOL and a shiny new 56k modem. It was cutting edge at the time, though painfully slow by today's standards.

One fellow decided to videotape his experiences with the infantile web. He finally uploaded it to YouTube 13 years later. Behold the glory of ICQ chats and slow loading, cluttered personal web pages. The days before blogs and Facebook "liberated" us from such garbage.

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