Japan earthquake

By Mike on 10:51 pm

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Japan contributes so much of the technology and culture behind what I cover here. The recent earthquake, one of the most powerful in history, moved a lot of people. The level of devastation is almost unthinkable. There's really no way anyone could prepare for something like this. A once in a lifetime event that happens entirely without warning.

I think the spectacular photos and video have really motivated people to help. Kudos to the Japanese people for maintaining their trademark composure and politeness in times of crisis. Things like this can bring out both the best and worst of people.

I may not make a lot of money, but I decided to donate. If it buys someone a meal and a coffee, I've done my part. If you would like to help too, you can donate through the Canadian Red Cross. Donations are tax deductible. A word of caution though. Beware of scammers trying to take advantage of your generosity. Only donate directly to legitimate and well known charities.

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