Apple to Consumer Reports: Sod off

By Mike on 11:35 pm

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Apple was hit with more devastating news today over the iPhone 4's antenna woes. In order to boost reception, Apple integrated the phone's two antenna's into the outside of the case. Many complained about the phone dropping calls when the two are touched together. The problem is particularly bad for lefties.

In a major blow, Consumer Reports removed the iPhone 4 from their recommended products list. Independent testing confirmed users aren't imagining the antenna problem. Every phone they tested suffered major drops in signal strength when the two antennas were held together. The product testing magazine says it will only restore its recommendation if Apple fixes the problem for free. In the mean time, they suggested putting tape over the contact point.

Apple's response has been muted. However, users noted that the company pulled any mentions of Consumer Reports' findings from their support forums.

With iPhone 4's Canadian launch just weeks away, it will be interesting to see how consumers react to the bad press.

Image courtesy of the USGS. Video courtesy of Consumer Reports.

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