Apple puts a band-aid on iPhone 4's antenna issues

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Apple has 'solved' the iPhone 4's signal problems. Announced at this afternoon's press conference, the company will be providing free cases for iPhone 4 customers up until September 30th. You'll be apple to apply on Apple's website starting next week. Jobs said that customers will get their choice of case.

Steve Jobs continued to deny they knew about the issue while the phone was still in development. He also lashed out at the media, saying Apple's own findings "didn't jive" with what was being reported. He said most current smartphones they tested, including the popular Blackberry, have the same issue when held incorrectly. However, reporters in the audience said they couldn't replicate it.

Jobs went on to say only 0.55% of owners, which is still 16,500 by my count, have complained to AppleCare about antenna issues. He did admit call drops were higher than the 3GS but only marginally. Somewhere in the ballpark of 1 in 100.

Apple went on to clarify their return policy, saying any iPhone 4 could be returned within 30 days. No questions asked and no restocking fees.

They also say that the iPhone 4 will launch internationally, including Canada, on July 30th. The elusive white model will be released at the same time.

Cole's Notes version of Jobs speech below.

1:09: Jobs says they've only known about the issue for 22 days

1:10: Claims problem isn't unique to iPhone 4. Claims Blackberries have the same issue.

1:14: Says a whole bunch of other phones have the same issue when gripped in the wrong spot.

1:15: Says the signal problem was made to appear more dramatic by the bar display problem.

1:17: Confirms Apple engineers knew the signal would drop, but didn't think it would be an issue.

1:18: Continues reinforcing that all smartphones have this issue. Funny how previous iPhone models didn't.

1:19: Claims only 0.5% of iPhone 4 customers have called AppleCare to complain about antenna issues.

1:20: Says this "doesn't jive" with media reports.

1:21: Claims iPhone 4 return rates are only 1.7%, less than the 6% for the 3GS.

1:25: Confirms IP4 drops more calls than the 3GS, but it's still only about 1 in 100.

1:28: Says problem only affects a small number of users. Claims he's gotten thousands of emails from happy customers.

1:29: Pokes fun at media

1:29: Recommends everyone update to iOS 4.0.1

1:30: EVERYONE OFFERED A FREE CASE. Refund for those who already bought a bumper.

1:30: Deal good until September 30th

1:31: Users will have a choice of cases.

1:31: Apply on Apple's website for one starting late next week

1:31: Offers 30 day return policy with no restocking fees if you're still unhappy with the phone, case or no.

1:32: They're looking into problems with the proximity sensor. Says it's software related.

1:32: White phone will ship by end of this month.

1:33: iPhone 4 will launch internationally in 17 countries on July 30th

1:37: Claims they're still working on the problem and this isn't a band-aid.

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