Some iPhone, iPod Touch users should avoid iOS4

By Mike on 1:35 pm

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Apple released its much anticipated iOS4 last week, ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4. The update was made available to all iPod Touches and all iPhones except the original. The update adds some great new features like multitasking. However, those who are still using the iPhone 3G and iPod Touches 2G and 1G should avoid the update.

Like many other iPhone 3G owners, I can vouch for the fact that iOS4 has made my phone run like cold molasses. While web pages seemed to load faster on Safari, Google Maps and even the iPod app, some of the phone's most basic functions, were nearly unusable.

The iPhone 3G and it's iPod derivatives are too slow and don't have enough memory to properly support the new update. Most of the new features that make iOS4 worth it, including multitasking and wallpaper, aren't supported on older models.

If you haven't updated from iOS3 to iOS4, don't bother. If you already have and want to revert back to the older operating system, Lifehacker has this handy guide for restoring iOS3. This is the method I used for fixing my iPhone.
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