Settlers 7's DRM still locking out players

By Mike on 2:48 pm

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Ubisoft's new ultra-draconian DRM system is not working vary well. Two weeks after launch, gamers who bought Settlers 7 are still finding themselves locked out of the game.

People are reporting that they are unable to log in and play. They are receiving the message the "server [is] not available". Ubisoft told Eurogamer that "our technical teams have made progress but we are not yet able to say that the issue is completely resolved." A 50 page forum thread lists countless complaints so it appears the problems are far from being fixed.

Ubisoft came under heat last month when they released a new DRM system that required gamers to maintain a solid internet connection to play single player titles. Server problems have plagued the French publisher, part of which the company blames on denial of service attacks from hackers. Despite the PR flack, Ubisoft has shown no plans to back down the scheme's internet requirement.

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