PS3 gets cooler, cheaper RSX

By Mike on 12:54 pm

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Sony has redesigned the PS3... again.

This time they've redesigned the RSX graphics processor on the console. The new chip has been shrunk down from a 65nm process to 40nm. For your typical gamer, this means a cooler running chip and less energy consumption. Playstation University found that power savings total about 9 watts on average over the previous Slim model. Power consumption in total has been cut by more than half over the original models.

For Sony, it means a cheaper PS3. The new RSX doesn't require as many associated chips to run, thus cutting the number of parts needed to build the system. This means that Sony could start making money. On average, Sony was loosing between $241 and $307 on each unit sold for the original PS3. Cost cutting measures have allowed them to drop price and break even. Even though Sony may start making a profit on the PS3, don't expect a price cut anytime soon.
Image courtesy of Pocketgadget via Engadget.

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