Nintendo Cereal System goes for $200

By Mike on 11:52 am

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Would you pay $200 for mouldy old cereal? Somebody did. A 22-year old "unopened" Nintendo Cereal System box went for $207.50 on eBay. I was but a wee lad of two when this box first hit store shelves. That's a bit disturbing. I really hope the purchaser isn't planning on eating this stuff. But I guess it's no worse than cowing down on boxes of 200 year old Sugar Bombs.

The box itself contained two cereals. A fruit flavoured Mario cereal and a berry flavoured Zelda cereal. Interestingly, it was made by the Ralston Purina Company. The same company that makes Alpo dog food. It was sold only in the 80s obviously. Everything seemed to get it's own cereal back then. It must have been sold only in the US because I don't remember ever hearing about it here in Canada.

Source via Kotaku

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