Nyko Responds to PS3 Frontman Issues

By Mike on 9:49 pm

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Several people on the official Playstation forums said they received a letter from Nyko over the Frontman wireless guitar issues. Nyko has finally posted a statement on their website acknowledging there is a problem.

"The latest firmware update of the PlayStation 3 (Version 3.10) is not compatible with the FrontMan for PS3. We are currently researching any possible solutions to fix this problem."

Not really an encouraging statement but obviously the problem lies with Sony as the guitars worked fine before the update. I can't imagine they're in too much of a rush to fix third party controllers though. For those who don't know, the problem lies with the PS3 not interfacing with the controller. The FrontMan shows a red controller 1 connection LED but does not respond when buttons or pressed, nor does it show up in the PS3's menus.

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