Mind's Eye

By Mike on 7:44 pm

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Back in the early 90s, Canadian youth orientated cable network YTV broadcast a series of early computer animation clips during their "Short Circutz" segment. A majority were from The Mind's Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey, a series of art films which was produced in 1990 by Steven Churchill of Odyssey Productions. I had long forgotten this still until I stumbled upon it on Once Upon A Win, a nostalgia blog. The clips are examples of vary early, some would say groundbreaking 3D computer animation. This was made five years before Toy Story. Admittedly, these clips have not aged well. A film such as Mind's Eye would have taken expensive, professional render farms to produce in 1990. Contrasted to today, something similar could be produced by amateurs using a single, low cost home PC and basic 3D modelling software, and could be rendered in real time at high resolutions. Despite their primitive appearance, the films do have a certain beauty to them. The music for the films was produced by several musicians including Thomas Dolby or Blinded by Science fame. In case you're wondering, the original Mind's Eye is not available on DVD. There were some VHS copies floating around but for most people, Youtube is the only place you can watch them.

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