EA Allows You to Sexually Harass Booth Babes, I Die A Little Inside

By Mike on 11:19 pm

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I'm curious to know how this meeting of suits went. Who at EA's marketing and legal departments honestly thinks that this is a good idea. EA has launched a contest for Comic Con to advertise Dante's Inferno. They're challenging convention goers to "commit an act of lust" on one of their booth babes, prove it, and be entered to win a grand prize dinner for two with a pair of bimbos, plus limo service and free swag. I'm not sure that the feminists or the labour board is going to like this too much. Imagine being groped by a bunch of pimply faced geeks all day while having to maintain composure while they get rewarded for being an obnoxious, dirty manwhore. I figure this is either going to end in one of two ways. 1) a huge lawsuit or 2) on an episode of Maury. In all fairness, EA has probably hired strippers or something to do this job. I really hope it's not the poor college girls and young models they usually hire for these gigs. Getting treated like a piece of meat all day long then having to go out on a date with the biggest horndog. Makes me glad I'm not a woman. It also makes me die a little inside that the gaming community is being reduced to this. Those poor girls. I am aware I'm probably feeding the beast by just posting this. Publicity stunt without this being an actual contest? Let's hope so.

The gist of EA's contest

Remember your booth babe is a human being.

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