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Images of Sony's rumoured PSP-4000, also known as the PSP Go, have been leaked to the web. Interestingly, the official images look surprisingly similar to mock up PSP2s that have been making the rounds for the last year. The new portable also dumps the UMD drive entirely, instead featuring 16gb of internal flash memory that is expandable via a Memory Stick Pro Duo card slot. The system also features a sliding screen design that hides the controls and the system also appears to be significantly smaller (read less wide) than the past due to the the buttons being moved. It still sports a single analogue nub though. The system is said to be 43% lighter due to the removal of the disc drive. Additionally, the Go features Bluetooth connectivity. Presumably this will either be for wireless headsets or to interface with the PS3. It is rumoured that Sony will also debut game rentals and music through the PSP Store. Game Console Network (which appears to be suffering a freak out, probably due to demand) claims they got the information for and images from a preview of the June issue of Qore. The PSP Go will supposedly hit shelves this fall.

More news about the system will come when it is officially announced at E3 next week. Mind you, I'm not sure how keen I am on the design. Not exactly meant for adult fingers. There is also the looming problem of current PSP owners who want to upgrade to the new portable. Since it lacks a UMD drive, it is inherently not backwards compatible with most current PSP games. The $10 million question is whether Sony will offer dowloadable versions of all games already available and if they'll charge current PSP owners to replace their UMDs.

Source: Gizmodo -- Pictures Included
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