Duke Nukem Forever Defunct

By Mike on 10:49 am

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In a story that comes as no surprise to anyone, Duke Nukem Forever has officially had the Fatboy dropped on it. The game's developer 3D Realms has announced that it is shutting down. Webmaster Joe Siegler told forum members that the announcement was "not a marketing thing. It's true." Things may not be dead for the Duke yet assuming somebody wants to buy the IP. Take Two currently owns the property but has refused to further fund the game, which is why 3D Reamls has been forced to close. At the vary least, Forever is toast, as is nobody could see that coming a mile away. Duke Nukem Forever may go down as the longest development for any game in history. The title was first announced way back in April 1997, twelve years ago now. The game had gone through several incarnations, first being a PC title on the Quake II engine, then moving to the Doom 3 engine in 2004. Screenshots kept popping up over the years. Rumours had it coming out on several platforms. However, nothing concrete was ever produced. Based on Twitter posts by the developers, it was said it would finally release in 2009. Obviously that is not going to happen. DNF has become the quintessential example of vapourware and developed into a joke among gamers.

Source: The Register

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