Canuck Game Prices Creeping Back Up Again

By Mike on 6:18 pm

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Infamous at Best Buy Canada $69.99

Infamous at Best Buy America $59.99

In case you're wondering, according to today's exchange rate Infamous should be selling in Canada for a cool $66. Ok, not much of a savings but I have noticed that the price of games went up a lot faster when the Canadian dollar dropped than they did when the reverse happened back in 2007. I'm not picking on Best Buy in particular here because all game retailers have started doing this. I've even seen older titles like Ratchet & Clank Future going back up to $70, and don't tell me those are all new units. They wonder why so many people are buying used games. Comparatively speaking, games are a lot cheaper today then they were 15 years ago. I saved up all year to buy Sonic & Knuckles back in 1994, which was $70 when it came out. That works out to be $93 in today's money. Still, buying new games are prohibitively expensive for most. That's something that developers need to realize as they move to kill the used market and switch to a download-only format. I personally think games should drop $10 on average to make them more comparable with DVD and Blu-ray movies. While companies would get less revenue per game sold, they could potentially get more volume sales and curb the used market that they've been so hostile toward.

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