Qore Episode 11 - Mini Review

By Mike on 12:36 pm

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Right, so another free episode of Qore, and this one might actually be worse than the December issue I looked at in the past. I think this pretty much confirms that Qore isn't selling. We've seen two free episodes released in the last three months. Obviously the first one wasn't enough to encourage people to plop down $2.99. So what's Episode 11 like. Well, there's far less content then there was back in December. There are four features: The Music of Infamous, Indie Games on PSN, Fat Princess, and Red Faction Guerrilla. Like before, these are just trailers and developer interviews. The upcoming titles on PS3 and BD are also still there. There's also a couple "arcade" games. I'm not really quite sure how I got into them, it seems like a hidden feature since they weren't on the menu. One is a lame Missile Command knockoff that has you shooting down flying squares. The other is some rhythm game that looks like Simon Says. For downloads, we have the Factions demo and free High Velocity Bowling, but as usual, these are only available to annual subscribers. The only free download is a Fat Princess theme. Missing are the real world features that appeared in their last free issue.

Once again, there's really nothing being offered here that cannot be obtained for free elsewhere on the Internet. It's getting really hard to defend Sony Computer Entertainment lately. Qore really should be free. In fact, the same basic content is already available in their free PULSE podcast. Sony is still really pushing the annual subscription but it's just not worth the money. Qore is vary well put together, I'll give it that, but it's just paid advertising. It would be like if your cable company began offering a 24-hour infomercial channel and made you pay $2.99 a month for it. Of course you're not going to subscribe even if it is relatively cheap because who wants to watch commercials all day long. The fact that there's less content this time aroung garners it a lower rating than the December issue. This is shovelware, plain and simple.

Score: 4.5 out of 10

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