Play Games, Frag Yourself Says UK Gov't

By Mike on 1:05 pm

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We all know that video games, along with AIDS and terrorism, are one of the major evils facing the modern world today. Or at least that's what people like Jack Thompson, Hilary Clinton, and now the UK government want you to believe. A new ad campaign seems to directly link gaming to early death. The ad is being funded by the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK, in partnership with the government. It shows a young boy sitting with a glazed look on his face holding a Playstation 3 controller. The caption reads "Risk an Early Death, Just Do Nothing".

Obesity is a major cause of illness and death in our society today and most certainly gaming can be a contributing factor if it's done in excess. However, the ad unfairly addresses the root cause of the problem. You can still play video games and lead an active lifestyle. The key is moderation. Telling kids they're going to die if they play games is not likely to have any real, lasting effects in solving issues of a sedentary lifestyle. Rather, they should be encouraging kids to get more active and to have fun doing so. It is now also possible to combine gaming with exercise, such as Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution. For many children and teens, organized sports or working out at the gym just doesn't have much appeal. Blaming games is just a cop out by educators and parents who have failed to give their children proper exercise and outdoor play.

Source: The Register

Update 03/10/09: Sony is considering suing the ad's creators for trademark infringement over the PS3 controller featured in the ad.

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