Mac Mini Gutted

By Mike on 1:31 pm

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I showed you last week the tear down of the new iMac. The folks at IFixIt have done the same with the new Mini, and it's just as big a mess as it's bigger brother. To get inside, one still needs to use the infamous putty knife. Once inside, the system is pretty much identical to the new vanilla Macbooks. The components are identical, complete with DVD Superdrive and 2.5'' 120gb SATA hard drive. The Mini basically is just a laptop sans screen. Not much worth noting other than the processor is now soldered to the motherboard rather than socketed. This means you can't swap it out for a new one. For a company that professes itself to be "green", Apple sure doesn't make it easy to upgrade and thus extend the life of your Mac. Nothing else much to say other than it's neat to see for curiosity's sake.

Check out IFixIt's Guide to Tearing down the Mini

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