Italian Pizza Gets Automated - Take that Japan!

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This really has nothing to do with home electronics or video games but it is tech and I am in awe of it's greatness. Claudio Torghele has invented a type of vending machine that makes ready to order pizza in just three minutes, complete with your choice of topping. The "Let's Pizza" machine will make an entire pizza from scratch for just a few Euros, even mixing the dough so none of that frozen crap here. An infrared oven system developed by the University of Bologna cooks the pizza in under three minutes. One pizza costs four Euros and while the article didn't say, it's presumable personal sized. Not bad considering you can easily spend that on lunch at fast food places like Subway. Four toppings are currently offered: cheese, ham, bacon, and a fresh vegetable mix. Torghele in conjunction with Unilever plans to market the "Let's Pizza" in the rest of Europe as well as in the United States. Toppings will vary depending on local tastes. It's low cost, open 24-hours, it does everything but deliver.

Pizza purists though are saying the machine will devalue the Italian classic, which they say has to be cooked slowly with only the finest ingredients. Well, it's not as if Pizza Hut, the McPizza, Domino's, and Boston Pizza haven't already devalued the dish. Pizza was invented in 1889 in Naples to honour the newly unified Italy. The original toppings were tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil to mimic the flag of the new country. There will always be a market for true gourmet pizza but lets face facts, the Let's Pizza can't be any worse than the frozen or major chain pizzeria varieties. I just want to know when I can order one of these machines for my house.

Source: National Post

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