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This falls under the category of cool but creepy. In Japan, they have developed a realistic female robot who will be used as a robo-fashion model. The HRP-4C humanoid robot is designed to look like an average 20-something Japanese woman. She's about 5ft tall and is capable of displaying a range of facial expressions. She can also talk. The HRP-4C weighs in at 95lbs including batteries. If you have a filthy mind and were hoping for something anatomically correct, forget about it. Her body is made of molded plastic, which resembles Stormtrooper armour. The robot's movement is still pretty stiff, but then again what fashion model doesn't walk like they've got a pickle up their butt. The technology represents a quantum leap from past humanoid robots, such as Asimo. Movement is a lot more fluid. Here's a short video showing the robot.

She can display a range of facial expressions, from sassy to pleasant, to surprised.

The company hopes to sell the chassis for $200,000, sans the costly facial coverings. Japan has an anging population so there is a lot of interest in building robots that can assist seniors and the disabled in daily tasks. However, this robot design is mainly intended for the entertainment industry. I still prefer a real Japanese woman, they're more cuddly.

Oh, that's Aki Hoshino by the way. Naturally busty Japanese TV star and super model. She looks great for 32.

Source: CNET

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