Sony To Offer Game/Movie Combos for PS3

By Mike on 9:58 am

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Blu-ray disc has a huge 50gb storage capacity for enough for roughly 10hr of high quality 1080p video. Of course most movies and their special features don't even fill a single layer disc. Sony had decided to put that extra space to good use by offering discs that include both a movie and a game. The specifications have yet to be finalized but this could either be a really good idea, or a really bad one. It would be an easy way to pawn off poorly done movie based games (cough Iron Man) but it could also be a way for movie producers to boost sales, seeing as how video games have now surpassed the movie industry in terms of revenue. It all depends on who ultimately develops them. Sony sees it as a way of boosting slumping PS3 sales by encouraging people to adopt it as their primary Blu-ray player. No word on when they'll hit store shelves but it has been rumoured that three of these discs will be released sometime in 2009. I'll raise a glass to new ideas. I personally think it's important to buy a PS3. Think of the poor hard working people you hurt when you don't.

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