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I remember seeing a "mod" in an old issue of CPU magazine showing a guy who made a computer "case" out of a plastic milk crate and duct tape. Arguably the finest and most versatile building materials in the history of man. The third greatest building material is cardboard, if you happen to be six years old. Designer Brenden Macaluso got the bright idea of trying to make a cardboard PC case, which he calls the Recompute PC. He's labelling it as a green design. When the PC reaches the end of its life, the cardboard can be recycled, once all the parts are removed of course. The case holds a micro-ATX motherboard, 2.5'' hard drive, and four USB ports. It has a fin like design to expell heat.

There are a couple of problems with the concept though. First of all, I'm not sure what's so environmentally unfriendly about conventional metal and plastic PC cases, since they too can be recycled. They're also significantly more durable and can be used over and over again. A modern motherboard will fit in standard ATX cases made over 10 years ago. It's also worth noting that paper production causes more pollution than producing metal or plastic does. It's an interesting concept but it's not really a practical alternative.

Source: Register Hardware

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