Nintendo Introduces DSi

By Mike on 9:16 am

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There have been rumours for a couple of days now that Nintendo would be releasing a new DS portable. Nintendo finally acknowledged the redesign today, dubbing the new system the DSi. The new system features two major improvements. It includes a 0.3 megapixel camera (640x480 resolution) built into the unit. It also finally adds expandable storage with a standard SD card slot just like the Wii has. The DSi is supposedly also slimmer by 12%. The rumour mill says this was achieved by removing backwards compatibility with Gameboy Advanced cartrages. The screens are also said to be slightly larger, up to 3.25'' from 3''. Other than that, the system is identical to past DS models.

Furthermore, Nintendo will be launching a new DSi Shop, offering direct download over Wifi. The games, dubbed DSi Ware will be available for 200, 500, or 800 Wii points. The system will debut on November 1st in Japan at 18,900 Yen, or roughly $179 US. It will be available in black or white. Personally, I think the DS is more overpriced than ever considering the PSP is $169.99 and has more features. Nintendo needs to get the price down on the DS.

Source: The Register

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