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By Mike on 12:43 pm

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When was WipEout HD announced? Then we were told, "it's coming soon" repeatedly. Then we found out it was suffering constant delays. Well, now it really is finally coming soon. Mark Thursday September 25th on your calendars, since that's when the anti-gravity combat racer is going to hit the Playstation Store. SCE Studios Liverpool noted that the game is going to be a PSN exclusive (read "download only") and will be priced at $19.99 US. The game features 1080p visuals at 60fps, 8 tracks and 12 teams, 5 game modes (tournament, single race, time trial, speed lap, and zone: see my review of WipEout Pulse for more details), two-player split screen, online mode with 8 racers at a time, optional use of sixaxis motion control, Dolby 5.1 soundtrack, custom music, and trophy support. Early reviews of the game have been vary positive, with IGN UK giving it a 9.2 out of 10. The game itself supposedly borrows heavily from the two PSP outings but ups the graphics factor.

So why was it delayed so much? WipEout HD was originally said to be coming out Spring 08. According to SCE Liverpool, the game had initially failed epilepsy safety tests, therefore the graphics had to be redone in order for it to pass. Fast paced visuals and flashing lights can trigger sizures in some people. Personally, I think you probably souldn't be playing these games if they set you off that easily. But we live in a society with no personal discretion so that's why games like this get delayed. Well, the final version is fixed and it looks good. It should be well worth the $20 entry fee.

Source: PSU, The Register

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