PS3, Xbox 360 to get Wii-style Nunchuck

By Mike on 1:38 pm

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To be honest, I really don't like the PS3's motion sensing features. They're underutilized and from the games that do implement them, control is pretty wonky. However, the motion sensing Wiimote from Nintendo has been hugely successful and is starting to attract more imitators. In2Games is releasing the Gametrack Freedom controller for both Xbox and PS3 to take advantage of motion control capabilities on both systems. The controller, which looks a bit like a microphone, uses ultrasonic waves to track the controller. Like the Wii, the system has a basestation and two sensor bars. It attaches to either console using a USB connector that interfaces with the basestation. The controller itself is, of course, wireless. In2Games will be releasing a bizarre game called Squeeballs, which is similar to Wii Sports, with the controller. So far, it's the only game announced that will work with the GT. Whether it will work with games that support Sixaxis function is unknown. Being a third party product, I can't see a lot of games supporting it. Both Microsoft and Sony are working on their own Wiimont/Nunchuck style controllers.

Source: El Reg

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