Xbox in a PC Case?

By Mike on 10:17 am

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We all know the Xbox 360 has some problems, to say the least. The biggest issue it tends to experience is overheating, which can eventually lead to the dreaded "red ring of death". So how does one deal with all that heat? What I've been saying all along, add some bigger fans and better airflow. High end PC chassis maker Lian-Li has recently released it's Xbox 360 case. The gunmetal gray exterior is a far cry from the 360's sickly white appearance. The 360's components lift out of its original case and drop right into the new one. Replacing the noisy and impotent 70mm fans is one large 120mm one, which promises to move a lot of air silently. The system also includes pre-drilled holes for using Koolance's Xbox 360 watercooling system. (They also make a water kit for PS3 now) On the outside, the case looks like an ordinary PC case complete with top mounted drive bay. Metal flaps on the front hide the USB ports when they are not in use. The one problem is that this case is significantly bigger than the original 360's. It may be a little awkward in living room setups. Using this case also voids the 360's warranty. However, if you want a cooler and quieter system, this looks like the way to go; especially if you have an older 360 without the 65nm processors. The whole unit costs $150, with you supplying the Xbox of course.

Source: The Register

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