Sony Backtracks on PlayTV Promises

By Mike on 2:07 pm

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The PlayTV was Sony's attempt to bring the PS3 full circle into the HTPC sphere. It would allow you to record, watch, and playback free, over the air HDTV content through your Playstation. The system is being introduced in the UK with no word on a North American release yet. However, the system is already proving to be an utter disaster. First of all, there will be no HD recording. The PlayTV cannot record 1080i content, which 90% of HDTV is broadcast in. Presumably it also can't record in 720p as well. Worse still is that the system will include DRM, something that Sony had promised not to use. Therefore, you cannot transfer shows to your PSP or other PMP, or burn them to a DVD. Lastly, background recording is said to cause slowdowns in gameplay, and Sony has added a warning to the system for that.

Stuff noted that the menus are pleasantly slick but to me, this system sounds incredibly crippled. It's a far cry from what Sony had originally promised us. The PlayTV costs £70 (approx. $140). A basic TiVo unit will set you back $199 plus the monthly subscription and will pretty much do the same thing, but it lacks DRM and has better features. It also works with cable and satellite where PlayTV is supposedly OTA only. I really was excited about this PS3 accessory but after reading more about it, the thing is looking to be an utter waste of space and money. I highly recommend passing on this if/when it does come out here. In the mean time, hopefully the movie industry will take a note from their music counterparts and learn that DRM is not the answer.

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