PS3: Firmware 2.4 Confirned to have Trophies & In-Game XMB

By Mike on 8:16 pm

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Sony has confirmed that In-Game XMB and trophies will be included with Firmware 2.4. The new features will allow players to access various XMB functions in game. Many gamers wanted this, particularly for chat and instant messaging, as well as the ability to play their own music while playing games. A trophy system will also be added, which will presumably be similar to the one currently used by Xbox Live. As usual, Sony has dropped just enough information to get peoples interests perked without releasing any concrete information. 2.4 will supposedly contain some "other new enhancements" but there was no hint on the official PS blog as to what these could be. XMB date and time is rumored to be one of these "enhancements". Sony also did not allude to a possible release date. Another firmware update, version 2.36, is due out soon which promises to provide more stability tweaks just like the last firmware did. I would expect 2.36 to be released either tomorrow (June 18th) or on June 25th, given that Sony traditionally released PS3 updates on Wednesdays. 2.4 will likely be released sometime in July.

Source: Official Playstation.Blog

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