Legal Downloaders Are Idiots

By Mike on 10:04 am

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I bet that title caught your eye. One New York record store owner is saying this though. John Kioussis of record store Rockit says that whether you download a song legally or illegally, it sounds the same. Of course he's not shooting himself in the foot by doing this. A lot of audiophiles have have embraced the digital age but a lot of people are upset at paying top dollar on legal download sites for lossy quality songs. Therefore, you're better investing your money in CDs and ripping them to lossless formats. It would be nice is lossless formats were more widely adopted. A handfull of MP3 players do support lossless formats but many still don't. Lossless digital downloads are almost non-existant. CDs (by law) and LPs are also inherently DRM free so your music is not shackled.

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