Guitar Hero on DS? Maybe We Should call it Accordion Hero

By Mike on 6:26 pm

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I don't talk about the DS much. This perked my interest though. Back in March, Nintendo and Activision announced the development of the Guitar Grip for Guitar Hero. It's basically the four button neck of the guitar peripheral for consoles compressed down to DS size. It appears to interface with the system through the Gameboy Advance slot. Personally, I think the game looks and plays more like an accordion than an axe, hence the article title. If you're wondering how struming is done, you use the touch screen. Crave thought it looked awkward to use.

Apparently this device has become a reality and is coming to stores this summer. It will be sold as a special Guitar Hero DS bundle which includes the game, Guitar Grip, and a silver DS with guitar hero logo on it's cover. Hopefully the logo silk screened and not just a cheesy sticker. The rumor mill says it's due out on June 29th at the bargian (sarcasm) price of $180. Presumably the game will be released on it's own around the same time. I expect the street price to be about $50.

I'm really at a loss of what to make of this. I've never played any of the Guitar Hero games though I do have enough of an idea what they're like. I agree with Crave that it does look very ackward to use, especially if you have adult hands. The bundle also seems a little on the expensive side, though you are getting a bargain buying it assuming I'm right about the price of the stand alone version. If you're wondering whether there will be a Guitar Grip for the PSP, I do recall an article a while back in which they said there would not be a PSP version.

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