Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 Out

By Mike on 4:00 pm

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Mozilla has released the first Release Candidate (RC) version of the new Firefox 3 web browser. Before, I reviewed the Beta 5 version for OS X but I did note some problems. Some in particular were slow load times, memory usage was still high, and the browser would occasionally crash when trying to use the menu bar. I also noticed that performance on Blogger was very slow forcing me to use Safari or my PC instead for my entries. Fortunately, these issues have been cleared up. Memory usage has gone down further by 5-10mb, web page loads are nice and speedy, and the browser no longer crashes. As for the Windows version, I had no problems with Beta 5 to begin with so I didn't notice any real differences between it and RC 1. Popular addons like Ad-block Plus work with RC1. Once again, Mozilla has proved that open source cannot only be a viable alternative, but can also be superior to commercial software. You can download it here.

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