iPhone Coming to Canada

By Mike on 11:46 am

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When the iPhone came out last summer, it rapidly became one of 2007's must have gadgets. Americans got the phone before anybody else. This led to people buying them up off eBay and hacking them to work on other GSM networks. Many Canadians figured out that it could be hacked to work with Rogers. Today, Rogers announced that the iPhone will be coming to Canada sometime this year and that they will be providing the service. Rogers is the only major cell phone provider in Canada that uses GSM technology. Bell and Telus use CDMA technology. There are rumors of a 3G compatible iPhone. CDMA is part of the 3G standard so it is possible Bell and/or Telus may offer the iPhone sometime in the future. 

Rogers has not set a release date, only saying it will be available before the year is out. Also unavailable is how much phone plans would cost. Last year, reports came out that a data plan similar to the $60/month iPhone plan offered by AT&T in the US would cost $295/month in Canada. I seriously doubt it will cost that much but it's almost guaranteed to be more expensive per month than the US.

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