Asus Updated Eee PC, Fixes Issues

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One commenter didn't like my thoughts on the Eee PC and I informed him that I was willing to change my mind if Asus fixed some of the issues I had with it. This week, Asus announced a redesign of the system in the form of a few new model with an 8.9'' screen. This new model has been dubbed the Eee PC 900. The screen has been updated to a 8.9'' over the past 7'' models and features a resolution of 1024x600. This would roughly approximate a WSVGA screen if such a thing existed. This resolution allows for the operation of most programs under Windows XP as well as better viewing of most webpages.
Speaking of which, Asus is releasing a Windows XP model of the Eee 900. Before, XP had to be user installed. XP will be include on a new 8gb model. A 12gb and 20gb model will also be added featuring Xandros Linux.
There are also hints that Asus may include Intel's new Atom mobile platform into the Eee PC 900. The original EeePC had pathetic battery life for what it was. According to Asus, this was due to lack of energy saving features such as Speedstep in the Celeron M 900 they used. Asus has said they intend to release an Eee PC model in the near future with an 8hr battery life.
Finally, Asus has updated some of the other features on the Eee PC. The built in webcam has had it's resolution increased from 0.3 megapixels to 1.3mp. Built in WiMAX and HSDPA networking functions will also be added in Q3.

The new EeePC 900 models will start at $499 when they launch in April. I'd still say wait a little longer since it seems Q3 2008 (August to October) will be when the Eee PC finally matures, especially with that planned 8hr battery life and the possible inclusion of the Atom platform. I'd still like to see a model with a 40gb HDD though but 20gb of space is definitely an improvement.

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While on the subject of Asus...
Lets hop into the Wayback Machine to the late 1970s when everything had wood paneling. Take the legendary Atari 2600 for example. Fads really are cyclical. At CeBIT 2008, Asus unveiled a new line of PCs, monitors, and laptops with bamboo paneling. Bamboo is a popular building material these days due to it's strength and relatively low cost. The Essentio 5110 is a small form factor PC and likely a Mac Mini competitor. Some laptops and monitors will feature small decorative wood panels. The creme de la creme is the Ecobook which will feature have a complete bamboo finish rather than small panels. I'm not sure what's so "eco" about it but it certainly looks interesting. At least it will go with the faux wood finish on your desk and if people don't like it, you can tell them to bite your splintery, wooden ass. There's no word on specs for these systems as of yet.

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