New MacBooks, Price Cuts in Canada

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Apple has updated the Macbook and Macbook Pro line with some minor speed boosts. The base model Macbook goes up to 2.1ghz, up from 2.0ghz. The two higher models get a 2.4ghz processor. Apple now offers 2gb DDR2 as standard in the middle and black Macbooks. The base model still comes with 1gb. Hard drive space has also been increased ranging from 120gb to 250gb.
The Macbook Pro gets an upgrade of up to 2.6ghz, the multi-touch trackpad featured in the Air, and a Geforce 8600GT 512mb graphics processor. It also gets more HDD space. Overall, these updates aren't particularly exciting. Just a minor speed bump over the previous models. If you just bought one of the previous models, there's no need to worry.

There is one important thing about these updates though. These two new laptops use the new Penryn core, replacing the Merom core used in Apple's past Core 2 Duo systems. Penryn is based on a 45nm process, which will produce less heat and use less energy. That should mean longer battery life.

Also worth noting, the price of both the Macbook and Macbook Pro have decreased by $100 in Canada. The base model Macbook now sells for $1149, down from $1249. The Pro sells for $2099, down from $2199. Beware that some stores like Best Buy are still selling the old models at the old prices. If you want one of these new models, buy direct from Apple for the moment.

Source: Daily Tech

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