Mass Effect Coming to PC in May

By Mike on 4:12 pm

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Well, it's official. Rumors had been floating over the internet for sometime about this. Both BioWare and its new parent EA Games have decided to port Mass Effect over to PC. They plan to optimize the game for PC gameplay including support for a variety of resolutions, optimized PC controls complete with user customizable key mapping, "Run & Gun" control mode for more action based gameplay, a new decryption mini-game, and new inventory screen GUI.
EA has not set an exact date for Mass Effect but have noted it will be released in May 2008. It certainly gives us PC gamers something to look forward too for the May Two-Four long weekend. There's no word on system requirements either but it looks like I'll need a new GPU.


I haven't played Mass Effect yet since I don't own a 360 but from what I here, it's a truly excellent game. BioWare's previous epic, Knights of the Old Republic has been ranked one of the best games of all time. The Canadian company is well know for its mastery of the RPG genre. The question is if they can keep up that reputation with EA now owning them. In the world of PC gaming, EA is infamous for poor quality titles and has gained a loyal following of online bashers. They've noted they intend to reform their business models in order to appease customer demands.

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