PSP Firmware 3.80 Coming December 18th

By Mike on 5:25 pm

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Well, looks like gamers are in for a new PSP firmware. Looks like it's going to add some interesting features. Unfortunately, most of those features will be usable by Japanese PSP owners only, though North American and European PSPs will have them included anyway.

First off, Yahoo BB Mobile Point service will be activated for Japan which gives Japanese PSP owners access to the Playstation Spot. They can use this to download demos of upcoming games. According to IGN, the Spot service will be available for non-Yahoo customers since it doesn't require a password.

Secondly, Japanese PSP owners will be able to use the upcoming 1seg digital TV tuner. This will allow you to record TV programs directly to your PSP. However, the 1seg service is only available in Japan. I expect similar services will appear in North America and Europe after the analogue TV shut down. This is interesting as the PSP will be the first mobile console to include TV capability since the Sega Game Gear.

Lastly, a new feature will allow all users to listen to streaming internet radio using their PSP. This includes North American and European PSP users. You'll be able to do this through an Internet Radio Player. I'm curious to see what exactly this entails. Whether it's only for over the air internet radio stations, whether commercial services like XMRO will be available as well, or whether Sony will have their own service.

The release date in Japan is set for December 18th. No word on North America or Europe. Also no word on what users on this side of the Pacific can expect. Whatever the case, 3.80 seems like it will be a big update.

Source: IGN

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