40gb PS3 is a Go, but...

By Mike on 10:48 pm

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the release of the much rumored 40gb PS3 model. However, this one has a catch. Unlike the original "low cost" 20gb model, the new 40gb model will have some features cut. Out is the Emotion Engine emulator which means PS2 games cannot be played on the new model. It also lacks a memory card reader and has only two USB ports. The downsized version will sell for 399 Euros. I expect it will probably sell for $399-$450 when it becomes available in North America. Unfortunately, Sony likes to leave us in the Americas high and dry when it comes to releasing new stuff.

So, Sony is once again having another crack at a low cost PS3 model. Well, they've already done away with the 20gb, and now the 60gb is on it's way out. The 80gb is the new flagship model and already sells for upwards of $100 more than the 60gb, despite the cost difference between the HDDs being some $20. It's important to note that the hard drive in the PS3, (as with all devices with them) can be upgraded. If money was no object, you could put a 250gb drive in it if you wanted to. However, the 40gb drive in the new model should be adequate for most people, even as a media server. Even the two missing USB ports aren't a problem.

The two biggest changes that cripple the console are lack of the flash reader and the EE emulator chip. First off all, the new model is now closed to the massive library of PS2 games. The Cell is difficult to program for and there is already a lack of decent PS3 titles. Lack of a flash reader is not so much a big deal but it does make transferring data between the PS3 and a PC (or another PS3) easier if you don't have a home network. Home networking can be overwhelming for those without a lot of computer knowledge.

So will this new model by worth buying? Well, despite it's downfalls, I'd say yes. The lack of the EE chip is no biggie. Most people buying a PS3 will likely also own a PS2. If not, the PS2 can be bought cheaply used off eBay and new ones are only about $130. As I already noted, 40gb of space will not be limiting for most people. Lack of a flash reader is not big either. Setting up a WiFi network may seem overwhelming but really isn't that hard. WiFi is the one big advantage the PS3 has over the 360. While wired networks are faster, WiFi is more convenient and easier to setup. (try running Cat-5 cable through a cramped attic in the middle of winter) If cutting these things make the PS3 cheaper, that's a good thing. All the core functions are still there. Now if only we could get some better games.

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